Brian E Robinson

Brian E Robinson

Associate Professor

McGill University

Robinson Ecosystems & Livelihoods Lab

I am an associate professor in the Department of Geography at McGill University, and a member of the Bieler School on the Environment. My group and I look at how people meet their needs through use of ecosystems and natural resources, the role this plays in developing regions, and the institutions we create to mediate these relationships. Our research methods draw from environmental and development economics, ecology, development geography, and geographic information sciences – collectively taking a land system science approach to answer policy-relevant questions.

For practicing inclusive science in the lab, see here.

For more details on Brian Robinson, see his CV here.

  • land systems
  • ecosystem services
  • policy evaluation
  • international development
  • spatial analysis
  • PhD in Environment & Resources, 2009

    University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • MEng in Water Resources, 2005

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • MCP in Environmental Policy & Planning, 2005

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • BSc in Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, 1999

    Georgia Tech